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Purchasing a suitable cremation urn may be quite distressing and overwhelming.  Keep the following tips in mind while choosing an urn to hold all the cremated remains or even a portion of them.

Determine the size of the urn.
Usually, cremated remains weigh 5 – 10 pounds, and require about 180 to 220 cubic inches of capacity.
In case you decide to place the cremated remains in a niche within a cemetery columbarium, check with the cemetery about the type and size of urns they allow in their niches.

Dividing the cremated remains.
Some families often choose to keep a portion of the cremated remains after scattering them, or splitting them up between children and grandchildren.   Keepsake or token urns along with jewelry that holds a very small portion of cremated remains might be the best choice.

Scattering, Biodegradable and Water-Soluble.
Urn manufacturers have developed many interesting products to assist families with their wishes.  From water-soluble urns if you are planning to place the cremated remains in the ocean, to biodegradable urns that decompose over time, making them environmentally friendly.  Even scattering urns that easily open for natural pouring and scattering of cremated remains.

As cremation urns are available in a number of shapes and styles, their prices also vary tremendously.  Thus, decide your budget, and set some price ranges before you decide.