We are pleased to now offer electronic arrangement forms with trackable signatures using email.  These electronic forms can be completed on you desktop computer, your tablet, and even on you smart phone.

Please enter the requested information and our staff will email you the required documents for completion and signature.   Click the SUBMIT button in the bottom right hand corner of this request form to submit it to us.

Please note, California requires the next of kin or majority of next of kin to sign for a cremation in this order:

(California Health and Safety Code 7100)

1. An agent under Power of Attorney For Health Care

2. Spouse or Registered Domestic Partner

3. Adult Children (Majority)

4. Parents (Majority)

5. Brothers and Sisters (Majority)

6. Other surviving competent adult Kin (Majority)

As you complete these forms, please contact our staff with any questions at (888) 959-9101.

The forms go to each signer successively in order. Once everyone has completed and signed, every signer will recieve an email copy and  we will receive our copy.   You can then  save this copy on your computer or print out. 

Because it is a secured document, you will not be able to save the document prior to sending it back to us.


Phone (888) 959-9101