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  • Initial transferring of the body to Simplicity Cremation

  • Secure and safe refrigeration prior to cremation
  • Preparing the death certificate and cremation permit
  • A cremation container made of approved materials, in which the body is placed for cremation
  • Individual cremation at a Simplicity crematory
  • Temporary Plastic Urn or Urn as selected
  • Provisions for pickup of the cremated remains by an authorized person at our affiliated locations
  • Cremation will take place within ten (10) days of receiving a California Disposition Permit
  • California Disposition (Cremation) Permit
  • California Cremation Regulatory Fee

A death has occurred or will occur soon.

One Price.    No Surprises.

(Our Simple Private Cremation price is based on deceased being under 250 pounds and having NO battery operated devices implanted)

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